Huaihua, China

  Huaihua, also known as "Hecheng", anciently known as "Hezhou" and "Wuxi", is a prefecture-level city in Hunan Province, a national comprehensive transportation hub city, a central city and a node city of the Wulingshan Economic Cooperation Zone. Since ancient times, it has been known as "the gateway to Guizhou and Yunnan" and "the throat of Hunan". It is the "bridgehead" leading to the southwest of China's central and eastern regions. Situated in the southwest region of Hunan Province, Huaihua is the most-ethnic city in Hunan with 51 enhnic groups where visitors can experience various ethic festivals, customs, buildings and performances. Festivals and events such as Dong’s Temple Fair, Kam Grand Choirs, Kusheng Dance and Dragon Lantern Dance are grand and lively. Its Dong population accounts for about 28% of the Chinses Dong ethnic group, making Huaihua one of the main Dong settlements in China. As the city has 71% forest coverage, many nature reserves, geo parks and forest parks are available for hiking. Huaihua is also the largest Poria cocos production site in China, which is a dual-purpose fungus for medicine and food as well as a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.

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